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Award-winning architectural photographer Chad Chenier shoots high-end corporate facilities and luxury homes across Texas. Chad’s refined eye and twenty-five years of experience have made him a sought-after architecture and interior design photographer in Texas and beyond.

Based in Houston, Chad and his team specialize in photographing prominent commercial and residential projects local to the city. Having made his home in Texas, Chad understands the local spirit, culture and attitude that makes the state special. His photography distills this unique quality, honoring the area’s history while celebrating the innovations and ingenuity of the projects he captures.

Whether a hotelier, product manufacturer, interior designer or GC, each client receives every service needed to create an incredible promotional package sure to wow partners and patrons alike. From video 4k production to aerial and drone photography, Chad and his team strike the perfect balance between creativity and market know-how to bring their clients the recognition each project deserves.

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We provide photography services for commercial and residential real estate in Houston, TX.

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Chad Chenier is an architectural photographer that truly understands the impact that professional architectural photography can make for your business. We have 25 years of experience providing the best possible architectural photography to improve the portfolios of architectural, engineering, general contractors and product manufacturers. An eye for detail is required to truly encapsulate the effort and artistry that went into the planning and construction of your amazing structures. We make sure that every single one of our clients has the very best possible architectural photography experience.

“My goal is to put your best image forward for each and every project and bring you the recognition that your hard work deserves.”

Chad C.

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Why You Need a Houston Architectural Photographer

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Houston, Texas, is renowned for having many different architectural styles, which vary from suburb to suburb. It takes a unique eye to bring the authenticity and aesthetic of these different styles to life while remaining true to the original.  

If you’re a interior designer or architect, you want to show off your best work. While you may get away with taking a few snapshots on your phone, investing in a dedicated Houston architectural photographer can make all the difference to your portfolio and bottom line. 

 Curious to see what we’ve done before? Feel free to browse our portfolio and see if you love our style. 

What Is Architectural Photography and How Does it Differ From Traditional Photography?

Architectural photography is a type of photography that focuses on buildings and other designed spaces. The primary purpose is to spark interest, whether from a commercial or artistic standpoint. In some cases, our clients may want high-quality photography that tells the building’s story and history, while in other cases, they may want to showcase a home for sale. 

Either way, we work with our clients to get the intended effect. Whether you’re an architect adding to your portfolio of work, or a real estate agent trying to put a property in the best light, we’ll work with your expectations and give you real estate photography that makes an impact. 

When you first speak to a professional Houston architectural photographer, they should ask what you’re looking for in detail. In some instances, you may need a couple of shots of the outside of the building. For others, you may need a comprehensive set of photos that details both the interior and exterior of the building.

Identifying each type of photography beforehand is important as it allows us to prepare our equipment and lighting. The more prepared we are, the smoother the shoot and the better the final product. 

Interior Architectural Photography

Interior photography is about keeping all of the essential aesthetic elements in-frame without overwhelming the viewer. We typically use natural lighting, so the time of day is important when planning an interior photography shoot. We may even visit several times on the same day to explore how the room changes with different ambient light.

If you’re looking for a particular aesthetic, we can also include artificial lighting to produce the desired effect. We use supplemental lighting to control color casts, add depth, and ensure proper exposure throughout the shot. 

Exterior Architectural Photography

Exterior shots have to show off the building in its natural environment. Neglecting to put the building in context can result in photos that look and feel unnatural, which is why we’re careful always to include the surrounding landscape. We usually only shoot exterior shots during the day unless you’re also looking for a dramatic night shot. 

The elevation is vital to getting a proper image. We have a wide array of tools at our disposal, including elevated poles and platforms, photographing from another building, and even drone photography. These tools allow us to capture the building from multiple perspectives to match what you need closely. 

 Learn more about Chad Chenier and our collaborations with commercial clients of all types.

Showcase Your Projects

If you’re an interior designer or architect, a professional architectural photographer in Houston can help expand your portfolio. You may even want a professional shoot for sentimental reasons for a project you’re particularly proud of.

Architectural photography is highly detail-oriented. Our shoots usually take longer than a real estate shoot simply because we want to present the subject authentically. We make use of all the tools at our disposal, including light, composition, and space, to provide an undistorted view of your work.

However, if you need the photographs for commercial purposes, we can highlight the aspects you’re most proud of with lighting and composition. As with all of our projects, we’ll spend the time necessary to meet your requirements. 

Bring Your Project to Life

Luxury residential photography is less about story-telling and more about showcasing the functional design. We help to showcase the best features of a property while taking attention away from any flaws. A good Houston architectural photographer will use wide lenses to capture the essence of the indoor space and enhance the feeling of spaciousness.  

No matter your needs, Chad Chenier is here to bring your building to life. Get in touch by calling us at (225) 588-2223 today. Learn more about us. 

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We feature projects in Houston but are happy to travel to your project in other locations across Texas. Let us know more about it and we will come up with a plan.

We send you a contact sheet of images to review within a week. We make adjustments if requested. If you need images back quickly then we can get them to you fast! Just let us know what date you need before we begin the shoot.