Interior Designer

As an Interior Designer, you want to photograph your project work with the same attention to detail and quality that you provide for your clients. A photographer who understands how to photograph your work so that it can be published is crucial. Our approach is to digest the overall scene then reduce and simplify the space to its most visually appealing composition. ,We are here to be your visual representative to achieve all of the design goals that you have set for your company. We provide 15 years of interior design photography experience for producing the highest quality work for each of our design clients and helping them gain the notoriety that they deserve.

How do we do that?


Our detailed service plan, highest quality imagery, and the ability to showcase your imagery for publication are the three main processes that separates us from our competition.

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1) A complete description of your design project and location along with the number of views and timeframe for completion will be gathered and prioritized.

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2) We will take extra time to preplan the shoot so that we learn about every aspect of your design.

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3) We will produce the highest quality imagery that you will be proud to showcase on any media available.

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4) Providing contact with various design magazines and organizations to provide your projects with the greatest ability to get published.

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5) We can highlight any residential or commercial jobs that your design firm can produce – we have no limitations!

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6) We will shoot tethered so that we can both review each photo before the composition is taken

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7) We will work directly with you during the shoot to layer each furniture piece to achieve the most appropriate look you desire.
8) We will provide complete attention to image details for perfect color reproduction, and post-production that removes unwanted clutter and refines your perfect vision of the project.
9) Setup the digital transfer of imagery to you or your marketing staff so that they can showcase the images with ease.
10) Follow-up to make sure that everything was well received and that no detail was left unchecked.

Special Considerations

For interior designers, it is important to highlight the design of each room needed in its most desirable composition and lighting choices possible. We will work directly with you to get the composition perfect and produce the lighting style that will portray your design in the best possible light. Our background of working with many interior design magazines will result in imagery designed to get your work published and optimized for your website and other social media outlets.

Coverage Options

Where is your project located? Not all interior design photographers travel so understanding the location and weather for each project is crucial. Is the landscaping important for your exterior views? Would you prefer to have interiors completed before the owners move into the home or facility? We will work with you on the finalized schedule to maximize all aspects of the finalized project. We know that as soon as the clients take over the space that your vision of the project will lose your control. We will work with you to get the imagery needed on a timely schedule to avoid those pitfalls.


Interior Design photography pricing is based on the following criteria:

  • > Creative Fee – (size and scope of the project along with number of shots needed and number of companies included)
  • > Post-Production
  • > Usage
  • > Expenses/travel


“Chad has photographed all of my interior design work over the past 7 years now. You can see all of my projects featured with a consistency of imagery on my website. I am proud to showcase all my projects that we have worked on – even ones many years ago. When we shoot together he tethers his camera to his laptop so we can review each composition. His level of detail is unsurpassed! He removes any unwanted items and helps me stage each shot. My work is now regularly featured in many design magazines because of his help!”

– Ty Larkins – Owner Ty Larkins Interiors

“Chad is a world-class photographer who was able to travel and highlight our design work in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We were so happy with the results that we purchased ads of our work that have run in Gray and Luxe Magazine. Chad is so easy to work with and went above and beyond to get our images perfect! We highly recommend his services! ”

– Les Samuels – Samuels Design Group