National Hotel merges Art Deco & Neoclassical Transformation

The National, Autograph Collection hotel that’s open inside the historic First National Center building in downtown Oklahoma City is powered by a thorough renovation. The building is now a stunning 32-story masterpiece that has drawn attention from well-known firms like Flick Mars, NE Development, EverGreene Architectural Arts and ADG.

The 1.1 million-square-foot property has so many levels of hospitality design that are featured throughout the property. The Great Hall features a bar that rises out of the social hub and grandiose space. The Italian inspired Tellers restaurant is surrounded by the remains of the prominent bank with century old marble and teller openings along with second floor sniper windows aloft. Don’t mess with the money! Large murals adorn the Great Hall space that include the Louisiana Transfer, Sunset Trail, and the Oklahoma Land Run by Edgar Spier Cameron.

Below in the National Hotel basement is the bank Vault that has been transformed into a Library of Distilled Spirits. A dimly lite space with that features lounging areas, vibrant chairs, colorful ceiling, vault doors, and liquor cages adorn this uniquely transformed lounge scene. Favorite mixed drinks are crafted to order along with smaller flavorful appetizers.

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