Product Manufacturer

As a product manufacturer, you want to have your products showcased in a style that showcases your products as immediately desirable. Our vast experience and lighting mastery means we can produce images that will sell your products by putting your best image forward. We are here to be your visual representative to achieve all of the design goals that you have set for your products. We provide 15 years of product photography experience for producing the highest quality work for each of our product manufacturer clients and helping them gain the notoriety that they deserve.

How do we do that?


Our detailed service plan, highest quality imagery, and our ability to showcase your products in the most desirable way are the three main processes that separates us from our competition

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1) We will produce the highest quality imagery that will showcase the project in the best position possible imagery.

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2) We can highlight any residential or commercial job that your product design can appear in – we have no limitations!

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3) We will shoot tethered so that we can both review each photo before the composition is taken if you have a representative who will be onsite during the shoot.

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4) We will work directly with you during the shoot to layer each furniture piece to achieve the look you desire or we can handle this on our own with our many years of experience.

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5) We will provide complete attention to image detail for perfect color reproduction, and post-production that removes unwanted clutter and refines your perfect vision of the project.

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6) Setup the digital transfer of imagery to you or your marketing staff so that they can showcase the images with ease.

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7) Follow-up to make sure that everything was well received and that no detail was left unchecked.

On-boarding Checklist Procedure

We make working with you simplified but thorough by taking extra time to preplan the shoot.
We will provide you with a checklist of items to review and streamline the procedure details but also talk with you about your product and the design elements involved so nothing is missed.

A complete description of the design project and location along with number of views and timeframe for completion will be gathered and prioritized.

Special Considerations

For product designers, it is important to highlight the product within the space provided in the most desirable way possible. Sometimes it is necessary to put a person within the shot to showcase how the product can be used or enjoyed. We will take extra time to make sure the composition and layering of people with the shot are perfect. We will work directly with you to get the composition on-site and produce the lighting style that will portray your product design in the best possible light. Our goal is to make your product immediately desirable!


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Product photography pricing is based on the following criteria:

  • > Creative Fee – (size and scope of the project along with number of shots needed and number of companies included)
  • > Post-Production
  • > Usage
  • > Expenses/travel


“The company I work for was looking for a premium photographer to take photos of our millwork
commercial jobs to update our website. We came across Chad’s name and have been completely blown away by the time, effort, and high level of quality in his photos. Chad is extremely easy to work with and will do anything for his customers. He is now our preferred choice for all of our photography needs.”

Greg Theriot – Gator Millworks
“Last year Smoothie King was looking for a photographer to take pictures of some of our locations and people with product. After looking at Chad’s previous work, I knew he was the photographer that we needed. Soon after contacting him we scheduled a time to get the photo taken. Our picture came out amazing..even better than we could have expected!! Chad is easy to work with and his prices are very reasonable – especially for the quality of the work. We use him for all of our photo needs now.”

Natalie Johnson – Marketing Coordinator – Smoothie King

AOS – Product Manufacturer
Patrick F. Taylor – AIA Gold Award – 2019.


Gator Millworks
Product Manufacturer

Patrick F. Taylor – AIA Gold Award – 2019.