Red Dog Ranch is a unique design retreat

Setting the Scene

Two hours South of Dallas along the majestic rolling hills of the Texas countryside, you enter a small town called Cranfill Gap. Nestled amongst the hills lies a secluded sanctuary called Red Dog Ranch. As you walk along the beautiful rolling hills you are greeted with prickly pear cactus, cedar wood, bluebonnets, wild lantana and mustang grapes. Imagine the view of this pristine landscape! As you look out across the 83 acre bird sanctuary you will find a heavily wooded land complimented by dramatic elevation changes. Amongst the land you will immediately notice a quintessential red barn with a very large rustic root cellar as well as the 1910 family home sitting at the highest elevation point.

The unique style and details

Interior Designer, Joshua Harrison was chosen by owners Mickie and Larry Tigner to transform the living spaces by accentuating the natural elements of the property and intertwining aspects of the local culture. Harrison says, “the farmhouse will have 3 bedrooms and can house 4 to 5 people per room as they are done in bunkhouse style. We will have old farm beds that we have repurposed along with the redesigned interiors and bathroom. Old metal tubs and showers will be available to take baths outside amongst the stars along with a couple of spa yurts that we will show movies in. The overall design theme is old Texas farm with a modern twist and details of the Norwegian culture. The farmhouse will have a very small retail shop that will have pieces by local craftsman along with soaps made from Copalli trees.” 

Drawing on the local flavor

Red Dog Ranch will be pulling from the local flavor of the area by offering catered brisket and Texas cuisine. Two local vineyards, Valley Mills and Red Caboose Winery, will provide wine tastings as well. Solache said, “our guests will have the possibility of a feast in the fields with a large table that seats up to 14 people with string lights and a huge food spread. The romance of sitting outside at a dining table is such a powerful experience to bond over says Robert Solache, general manager and spa curator. Solache goes on to say that he was always taught that we forge our greatest bonds over food and create lasting memorable experiences in this way. The Bravos River is just around the corner so patrons will be able to swim or fish in sparkling river experience near the property because the land is so well taken care of. Solache says, “You are surrounded by people who appreciate and care about this land.” Red Dog Ranch is settled on a shell were all the water comes from an old aquifer so it is all artisanal water. Solache says, “The land has wild prickly pears and wild flowers and we will be bringing people in who can craft medicines from those flowers.”

The location and backdrop

At Red Dog Ranch so many visitors will have a convenient option to escape the city life because it is located two hours from Dallas and Austin. Patrons will see hummingbirds gather along with the monarch butterfly migration. Silent retreats, dream emersion, along with food, lodging, and drinks will be included except for the spa component. It’s the quintessential backdrop for a Southern retreat with a horse troff baths in front of the red barn. Retreat at Red Dog Ranch is an amazing and unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Perfect design background

Special thanks to designer Joshua Harrison who is a multi award-winning licensed Interior Designer around the world for over 17 years. Joshua has vast experience designing boutique resorts, private estates, restaurants, spas, and suites. Joshua has worked closely with local artisans and craftsmen for each project including Red Dog Ranch. Harrison’s attention to detail and commitment to quality has won him international acclaim including the Three Flames Award by Conde Nast Traveler and several other Hot Lists for Top Destinations. 

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