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About Us

We help architects, product manufacturers, interior designers, and general contractors put their best image forward in the Houston, Dallas and New Orleans areas

About Us! Our detailed service plan, highest quality imagery, and our ability to showcase your work in the most desirable way are the three main processes that separates us from our competition.

Why use our service?

As a firm owner you should ask yourself if my current photographer can handle all of these service options. Am I satisfied with searching for a “good” photographer in all of my project markets or would it be more beneficial to search for a regional option who can be counted on to help define my firm’s visual reputation? We want to work with you to promote your most deserving projects and bring you the recognition that you deserve.

Why should I find a visual representative and
how will it benefit my firm?

We are now living inside of a very visual age and examples of your work are crucial to promoting your business. Your future clients will expect to see projects of the highest quality, value, and recognition. Firms who invest in capturing their work on an on-going basis provide concrete examples of how their firms are more experienced while also helping to differentiate themselves from their competition. Those firms who continually invest in quality photographs year-to-year are the ones who have survived well during the ups and downs of the economy. Capturing your best work will pay dividends for many years to come and can be used in so many different ways in this social media society.

Think about the value that great photography can bring to your firm over the many years of use versus the cost of a single ad in a trade publication. Investing in your firm and your work is money well spent!

Chad Chenier

Having photographed residential and commercial architecture and interior design for the past 15 years, Louisiana native Chad Chenier has excelled in a dynamic and evolving profession. A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California in 2006, he returned to his home state and immediately began his photography career as Chief Photographer for Louisiana Homes and Gardens Magazine and Our Louisiana for 7 years along with commercial freelance division in 2010.

With a name like Chenier, which is derived from the French word for “oak”, the Vacherie native’s roots run deep into the Acadiana heartland, where oak grows in abundance on chenier ridges deep in the marsh. Inspired by the lush landscapes and unique lighting that has served as a backdrop for hundreds of distinguished Southern homes and commercial projects. Chenier creates images that convey the perfect interplay of architecture and design.

“My approach is to digest the overall scene then reduce and simplify the space to its most visually appealing composition.” Chenier says. “My goal is to put your best image forward for each and every project and bring you the recognition that your hard work deserves.” A truly passionate photographer who excels in elevating the work of his clients.

Serving all of Louisiana with offices in New Orleans, Houston and Dallas.

Chad Chenier Photography L.L.C.

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