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New York based architectural photographer, Chad Chenier, highlights corporate facilities and luxury homes with award winning quality architecture and interior design photography. Commercial and residential projects throughout the New York area is our area of specialty. We will help you put your best image forward for architectural firms, general contractors, product manufacturers, and interior designers. Our services include the highest quality photography, video 4k production, aerial and drone photography. Let us help you achieve your highest promotional potential by joining our growing client list. We want to work with you to promote your most deserving projects and bring you the recognition that you deserve.

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We provide photography services for commercial and residential real estate in New York

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Chad Chenier is an architectural photographer that truly understands the impact that professional architectural photography can make for your business. We have 25 years of experience providing the best possible architectural photography to improve the portfolios of architectural, engineering, general contractors and product manufacturers. An eye for detail is required to truly encapsulate the effort and artistry that went into the planning and construction of your amazing structures. We make sure that every single one of our clients has the very best possible architectural photography experience.

“My goal is to put your best image forward for each and every project and bring you the recognition that your hard work deserves.”

Chad C.


Professional Architectural Photographers in New York

Are you looking a New York architectural photographer? Do you want to work with large commercial clients? Or do you like to work in the commercial sector but prefer to specialize in one or two areas? Regardless of your desires, there are a number of New York commercial photographers that specialize in a particular style of photography. These photographers can offer you an array of services that you need to meet your needs.

New York architectural photographer Chad Chenier can take any photograph you have in mind for promotion or marketing purposes. Whether you are looking for a high-end, Vanity Fair, or MDF photograph, or any other style, they can find it for you. Some of these commercial photographers also take portraits and video and can create exactly what you are looking for, whether it’s for your personal use or for another commercial.

Commercial photography is the perfect choice for anyone with a knack for visual art, including interior design and architecture. With commercial photography, you can make a name for yourself as a professional photographer that offers creative services to both residential and commercial clients. You can make a lot of money, if you take the time to expand your portfolio to include all types of photography.

New York architectural photographer has a unique niche. New York City is one of the most popular places to live, work, and play. This means that there is a great deal of competition for every job available. If you want to work in this industry, you need to know what type of images you should specialize in, to stand out from the rest. Once you decide on a specialty, you need to learn everything you can about that specialty, to succeed.

There is a definite “wow factor” when it comes to commercial photography, no matter what style of image you choose to specialize in. When you look at some of the commercial photographers in the business, you will see an obvious passion for what they do. Commercial photographers are not just “commercials,” by any stretch of the imagination. They are highly detail oriented, creative individuals that enjoy sharing beautiful images with others. Commercial photographers need to have a strong sense of self, in order to fully capture the essence of a customer, client, or corporation.

Some of the best New York architectural photographers have an amazing knack for interior design, while others specialize in landscape and cityscape photography. New York commercial photographers have to be able to blend their technical expertise with their artistic vision, in order to help their clients create an outstanding image. If you want to work in the interior design field, you have to be extremely patient, versatile, and creative. You must be able to visualize the end result, before you actually get started.

Some commercial photographers will focus strictly on commercial project but will still take some images that are suitable for magazines, catalogs, brochures, websites, and other advertising mediums. With so much available stock at any given time, the market is vast, and commercial photographers have to be flexible to fit their projects around their clients’ schedule. New York City and the Big Apple have thousands of different possibilities for a photographer to take images around. Architectural images can also be very stylistic, so commercial photographers are trained to make sure that each image is absolutely unique, with great color and clarity.

There are many sub-specialties within commercial photography as well. One of the most popular is lifestyle photography, which is a highly competitive field. Fashion commercial photographers need to have a keen eye for the latest trends, as well as knowing how to handle an image in an interesting way. The average New York commercial photographer will take between two and five images each day and will spend anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes on each one.

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We feature projects in Houston but are happy to travel to your project in other locations across Texas. Let us know more about it and we will come up with a plan.

We send you a contact sheet of images to review within a week. We make adjustments if requested. If you need images back quickly then we can get them to you fast! Just let us know what date you need before we begin the shoot.