Ty Larkins Interiors promo piece

Happy to work along with Ty Larkins Interiors to highlight more of his work for a high-quality promo piece! The photo above was the cover shot from his personal residence of his living room. Ty Larkins needed a strong vertical image that would draw the recipient into the promo piece and we provided it. Ty and I have worked to highlight his interior design projects over the past 7 years. The consistency of imagery throughout the piece is very cohesive because all the images were produced by Chad Chenier Photography. Having a visual representative has made a visual difference for his business and we have been glad to help showcase his work.

Really excited to see the Ty Larkins interior promo piece come to life! Architectural and interior design photography is a great way to spend your day and help others put their best image forward!

More images from Ty Larkins and other interior design clients can be found on this link.

“Helping you put your best image forward!”

Chad Chenier Photography

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