Delta Hotel Santa Clara Steps Up Their Game with Flick Mars Transformation

Delta Hotel Santa Clara, part of Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio, is an urban resort situated at the heart of Silicon Valley. Thanks to its exquisite location and commitment to excellent service, it’s been many travelers’ favorite destination. And now that the hotel has got its Flick Mars transformation, we expect that even more people will hurry to enjoy its charms!

Staying True to the Indigenous Surroundings

After opening an office in Los Angeles, Flick Mars, an originally Dallas-based design and architecture firm, took on redesigning Delta Hotel Santa Clara. In September 2021, the project came to an end, and now we can finally see the results. And just as we expected, they are impressive.

Flick Mars prides itself on following no particular style or trend. Instead, the firm takes inspiration from indigenous surroundings, ensuring that each hotel, resort, or spa it’s working on has a unique feel. That way, the guests can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that they can’t get anywhere else in the world.

And since Delta Hotel Santa Clara is located in Silicon Valley, surrounded by major high-tech companies, it’s no surprise that it’s also modern and efficient. At first glance, the guest rooms’ straightforward design and neutral colors may come across as minimalistic. But upon further inspection, we see that the beauty is entirely in the details. 

For instance, rich accents of color break the monotony of white and beige, breathing life into each room. Headboards with large format artwork and soft shapes immediately draw the eye, instilling a sense of calm and peace. Modern designs can often come across as too harsh, but that’s not the case in Delta Hotel Santa Clara. In fact, its softened lines give off a certain coziness, making every stay in the hotel pleasant.

A Hotel That Has It All

It’s not just the guest rooms that got an upgrade during this extensive renovation. Actually, almost every space in the hotel bears a signature Flick Mars mark — modernity combined with an attention to detail. 

But what exactly are these other spaces Delta Hotel Santa Clara has to offer? Well, aside from 263 guest rooms, it has a full-service restaurant and bar, a coffee shop, and Delta Pantry with premium beverages. 

With its seven event rooms and 6,750 square feet of outdoor and indoor meeting space, the hotel is perfect for conferences and similar business gatherings. All these rooms are technologically advanced and ready to use at any guest’s request. And after a long day of conferencing, a visit to the hotel’s swimming pool or fitness studio may provide excellent stress relief.

A Brand New Look for Delta Hotel Santa Clara

Flick Mars’s hotel renovations took a lot of time and money, but we can safely say they were worth it. The new and improved Delta Hotel is modern, cozy, and perfectly reflects the surrounding area. In addition, all the amenities, lounges, and event rooms will surely draw in countless visitors in no time. Delta Hotel Santa Clara has officially entered a new era, and we’re excited to see what’s next for it.

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